Fire and temperature protection
100% natural material for fire protection

Fire protection

100 % Non-flammableresistant to 1300°C - class A

Vermit-vermiculite is an excellent material for fire and heat protection

Vermit-finer fractions, mixed with a binder, is an excellent material for fire and heat protection of steel, concrete and other structures in construction, petrol, automotive and chemical industries.


Vermit is used as an aggregate in the manufacture of various refractory elements:


  • Fire resistant boards and panels
  • Fire protection spray and plaster
  • Silicate bonded shapes and mouldings
  • Hot topping for molten steel in ingot mould
  • Fireproof paint, seals
  • Friction linings



It used as a splash or fire rubble for fire protection of structures and channels, as well as insulation bread ovens and fireplaces.

Gallery of applications

Wooden structure vs. structure protected with a fire protection vermiculite coating


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