Absorb V
100% natural absorbent material


absorbing and removing oilsabsorbing fatsliquid filtrationdisposal of chemicalstransportation and storage of chemicals and hazardous substances

Absorb-V natural absorbent, neutral, odorless and insoluble in water

Absorb-V is an excellent absorbent and it is suitable for use at home, in workshops and work places where it is possible to cause spillage and thereby damage to property and facilities.


  • Absorbing and removing spills of industrial oils and fluids
  • For the absorption of fats and waste oils around heavy machinery
  • To absorb spilled oil and fuel from cars
  • For the absorption of fats and oils in kitchens, ovens and grills
  • For removal of oil spills in nature
  • For transportation and storage of hazardous materials and liquids
  • Natural filtering of the wine, water in swimming pools and other

For the remaining possibilities of use please contact your dealer or manufacturer. Send us your question.

Gallery of use

Instructions for use

Easy to use; Pour Absorb-V over the spilled liquid, let it absorb and sweep.

Shelf life is unlimited if stored properly.

Absorb-V does not change the characteristics of the absorbed substance. Potentially flammable liquid does not become neutral or less dangerous. Absorb-V saturated with flammable or hazardous substances must be removed immediately and in accordance with the regulation for the disposal of material to be absorbed.


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