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DIY- door stopper or home accessory


  • 1 meter of rope or very thick twine
  • 2 pcs galvanized coupler
  • tape
  • moulds: milk or juice box + one round plastic container
  • lightweight concrete mix: Vermit Termo, cement, water



Cut the rope into two similar pieces using a sharp knife. Then wrap the ends with a tape to prevent them from splitting. When that's done, place them together in a coupler until they sit tight.

For the preparation of Vermit Termo lightweight concrete mixture, mix Vermit Termot, cement and add water; See detailed instructions on Vermit Termo bag.

Let your door stoppers dry for at least couple of days before you remove them from the moulds. While you do that be very careful, because concrete may still be wet inside and may get damaged easily. To make shure sure it's completely dry leave it somewhere on a side for another few days before it gets lightened in colour.

Sometimes concrete gets this uneven texture on the top when it dries so you may want to give it a bit of sanding. This step is thoroughly optional, so skip it if you feel happy with what you got in first place and start enjoying your new diy door stoppers.

When you are finished you just have to decide where to put it. Will it keep doors from slamming or it will be a decoration for your home.


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